It is very important to wear a welding helmet while welding. When you start welding, UV radiation is actually released. This radiation is very harmful to the eyes. In addition, welding releases hazardous substances creates sparks, and generates heat. These elements can also be very damaging to your health. Therefore, it is important to protect not only your eyes when welding but also your face, neck, neck, and airways.

Types of welding helmets

There are many different welding helmets for sale. We distinguish three different types of welding helmets:

  1. Standard welding helmets
  2. Automatic welding helmets
  3. Welding helmets with fresh air systems

Depending on how often you weld, your location, and the welding technique
you use, you should choose the right welding helmet. In addition, you can also use some welding accessories.

Standard welding helmets

A standard welding helmet contains a traditional welding window, making it suitable for high as well as low heat intensities. Even though the prices of standard welding helmets can vary widely, the helmets sold in the Netherlands are always made of flame-retardant plastic.

There are many suppliers of standard welding helmets. Our brand preference is Multi Vision, but Optrel and Weldsafe also offer good helmets.

Automatic welding helmets

A feature of the automatic welding helmet is that it includes an ADF, Auto Darkening Filter. This eliminates the need to flipaz open and close the glass. Because the window automatically changes from light to dark when the welding arc is triggered, eyes are even better protected….

Are you loo for an automatic welding helmet? The Multi Vision Grind provides optimal protection for chest, neck, ears and face. Another added advantage is that the grind mode is switchable on the outside of the helmet. This ensures you don’t have to take the helmet off to switch modes.

In addition to Multi Vision welding helmets, good welding helmets with ADF from brands such as Optrel and 3M Speedglas are also available from Vlamboog.

Welding helmets with fresh air system

During welding, hazardous substances such as smoke and metal dust are emitted. In order to protect yourself against this, there are welding helmets with fresh air systems. An example of welding helmets with fresh air systems is the special Multi C’Air line. These affordable fresh air systems can be applied to the Multi Vision helmets. Furthermore, there are also some good fresh air welding helmets available from Optrel, for example.