Within the world of welding helmets and PAPR systems, the Swiss welding helmet manufacturer Optrel stands at a lonely height. Top quality and Innovation are the strength of this driven manufacturer. Vlamboog is the exclusive importer of Optrel in the Netherlands and serves Optrel end-users through a select number of Optrel Premium Dealers. Optrel Premium Dealers have the knowledge to perfectly advise you on the following optrel products and the latest innovations.


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For the past 5 years, old Optrel has surprised the welding world with revolutionary innovations that set entirely new standards for welding helmets and PAPR fresh air systems:

The panoramaxx:

The ultimate fully automatic welding helmet that incorporates all the world records of the helmets listed below : a 6 times larger field of view than conventional welding helmets, color true vision in all positions, an extremely bright neutral (grinding) position in DIN 2.5, fully automatic color adjustment with a personal calibration and a new energy concept. For more information click here. 


The liteflip autopilot welding helmet:

The world’s first and only fully automatic Flip-Up ADF welding helmet. We have waited a long time for this, but the result is worth it: a top quality 1/1/1/2 ADF Flip-Up helmet with a range of 1/4/5-14 (!)  It is not just an automatic Flip-up!   Fully automatic color adjustment for optimal safety and ease of use, a true-colour view of your workpiece and working environment and a twilight ADF-function which reduces eye strain. Lightweight (530g) and ergonomically designed for minimal pressure on the head and neck.  Also available with safety helmet and in PAPR version and again 2+1 year warranty.

The vegaview welding helmet

The world’s first and only professional ADF welding helmet with a neutral (grind) stand in color 2.5. For the first time, welders have an extremely clear view of their workpiece without taking off or unfolding their helmet. Every welder knows what this means: finer work, a better end result and great time savings.

The e684 welding helmet

The world’s first fully automatic welding helmet with a superior 1/1/1/1 ADF cartridge. All ADF welding helmets are semi-automatic. There is only 1 welding helmet on this planet that is fully automatic. Besides the great ease of use and time saving this helmet has even more absolutely unique features like angle independence, a true color filter and an opening delay that is pleasant for the welder’s eyes. 

The e3000:

A superior PAPR system in all respects with a very short payback period. Probably the manual of your current PAPR states that, for safety reasons, you should do a flow test every time before starting work. Does nobody in your company do that and do you suspect that this will never change? No problem. The E3000 is certified with integrated flow measurement, so you are always in compliance with standards and legislation… Safe for the welder and employer! Apart from “compliance” and safety, this PAPR system is superior in purification (TH3 … 10x cleaner than a TH2) and in payback time thanks to a cost-saving pre-filter system.

The weldCAP:

A fully functional welding helmet which is worn like a baseball cap. Now also available in bumpCAP version: extra protection for the head against bumps. Easy to carry on the belt… for people who weld from time to time (but not full-time) and appreciate great ease of use.

The p550 NEO: 

The familiar p550 but greatly improved. A top quality mid-range camera with a redesigned 1/1/1/2 cassette, a true-color filter and a longer battery life of up to 3000 hours. 

The OSC.:

This classic among optrel welding helmets has been given a rock-solid upgrade in summer 2017 with an updated ADF according to the latest optrel standards.

The best protection by Optrel

Welders, with their multifarious and sometimes complex welding processes, need the best protection, comfort and efficiency when it comes to their welding equipment. The Swiss company Optrel AG specializes in producing welding protection systems that put the safety, health and efficiency of welders first. For decades, the Optrel name has been synonymous with top quality welding helmets with automatic cartridge! Whether it’s active or passive protection, Optrel has an innovative and comfortable solution to meet the welder’s requirements. The Optrel range  has an EXPERT line, a PRO line and a BASIC line.


Is welding part of your daily work and does the quality of your work allow no compromises? Then you need protective equipment that meets the highest standards of efficiency, safety and comfort. Decades of experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality form the basis of the optrel expert line. The expert line combines the latest technology with the greatest possible comfort for the user.


Is welding one of your many areas of work and is welding limited to a few applications?  You weld regularly but not daily? Optrel has developed the pro-line for you. Reduced to the essentials, maximized for use:


The Basic line includes all products that fall within passive welding protection. The handshields and helmets provide reliable protection for people who only rarely perform welding tasks, who work in areas with limited movement or who work within special applications.

For more information about Optrel, please visit Optrel’s website.

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