Multi Vision includes our line of active and passive welding helmets. As an extension of this, the name Multi C’Air stands for our TH2 approved fresh air systems, many of which are supplied in conjunction with Multi Vision fresh air helmets. On our site, documentation is available, explaining the new welding helmets. Both are compatible with the Multi C’Air fresh air units. You can easily view our collection of welding helmets and accessories in our webshop. Here, individual parts such as helmet shells, glass holders and helmet adapters are also shown.

Multi Vision products

Multi Vision is a highly reliable brand that has established itself as a leading supplier of welding and safety products. With more than 25 years of experience in the welding industry, Multi Vision has developed excellent expertise and has built an excellent reputation as a reliable partner.

New series of Multi Vision helmets

Multi Vision offers two different helmets which include the Hybrid and the Grind. The Multi Vision Hybrid features a flip-up window and belongs to the latest line of products. Multi Vision’s helmets are developed and released by Vlamboog. The existing range has been around for almost 25 years. Nevertheless, the new series (in addition to the Hybrid, there is also the Multi Vision Grind, without a flip-up window) improved on many fronts. For instance, the viewing window has increased by no less than 16% (from 44 x 98 mm to 50 x 100 mm). Furthermore, the shape is tweaked for better conduction of welding fumes past the helmet.

Multi Vision Hybrid

Multi Vision Hybrid is a hybrid model that allows you to do as well welding as grinding. Partly for this reason, the helmet is excellent for demanding welding and grinding processes.

This welding helmet is available in versions with and without a flip-up window. The design of the Multi Vision welding helmet provides optimum protection for the face, neck, ears, and chest against flying sparks and heat radiation.

Multi Vision Helmets

Multi Vision grind

Another helmet in Multi Vision’s current line is the Multi Vision Grind. This helmet is designed with your safety and comfort in mind. The helmet features a transparent visor, which does not obstruct vision while providing protection from grinding dust and particles. The Multi Vision Grind offers protection not only for your eyes and face, but also for your neck and ears. In fact, the welding helmet can be connected to a neck flap and ear muffs.

MultiVision Multi C’Air: New air systems

With the introduction of welding helmets, new air systems have also been developed. Air systems for welding are essential to ensure air quality during welding. This is because, during welding, damaging fumes and gases are emitted that can be inhaled by the welder and others in the vicinity. The using of air systems can help remove these damaging substances and purify the air in the working environment.

Multi C’Air III

The Multi C’Air III filters the air supply to the helmet. The battery lasts up to 8 hours and vibration and sound signals alert the user when the filters become saturated. In addition, a Heavy Duty battery is also available for an operating time of as much as 12 hours. Multi C’Air Flow is a certified system where overpressure is generate inside the helmet via connection to a compressor or air conduction system. The helmets offer a TH2 protection rating which is the second highest class. Despite the improved quality, the helmet price remains extreme competitive. The improved true-color cassette offers an optimal view of the melting sheet by colouring the image bright blue. View the collection of Multi Vision fresh air systems on our webshop.

New Multi Vision Line

Multi C’air IV

More information will be available soon

Multi Vision Clear View

More information will be available soon

Why to choose Multi Vision:

For welders, it is essential to have the right protection, comfort and efficiency in their diverse and sometimes complex welding processes. Importantly, welding equipment must meet high standards to ensure a safe and productive working environment.

Multi Vision is a very reliable partner with more than 25 years experience in the weldingindustry and offers excellent products. Furthermore, we not only sell Multi Vision’s products, but have a much wider range and can also supply all other accessories.

In addition, Multi Vision offers excellent support to its customers. The company has a team of expert staff ready to answer your questions. This ensures that you always get the support you need.

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