Multi Vision includes our line of active and passive welding helmets. As an extension of this, the name Multi C’Air stands for our TH2 approved fresh air systems, many of which are supplied in conjunction with Multi Vision fresh air helmets. On our site, documentation is available, explaining the new welding helmets. Both are compatible with the Multi C’Air fresh air units. You can easily view our collection of welding helmets and accessories in our webshop. Here, individual parts such as helmet shells, glass holders and helmet adapters are also shown.

New series of Multi Vision helmets

The Multi Vision Hybrid, which features a flip-up window, is among the newest line of products. Multi Vision helmets are developed and released by Vlamboog. The existing series has been around for almost 25 years. The new series (in addition to the Hybrid there is also the Multi Vision Grind, without a flip-up window) has been improved on many fronts. The viewing window has been enlarged by no less than 16% (from 44 x 98 mm to 50 x 100 mm). Furthermore, the shape has been improved for better guidance of welding fumes along the helmet.

Multi Vision Helmets

New air systems

With the helmet, new air systems were also developed. The Multi C’Air III filters the air supply to the helmet. The battery lasts for 8 hours and vibration and sound signals alert the user when the filters become saturated. In addition, a Heavy Duty battery is also available for a working time of no less than 12 hours. Multi C’Air Flow is a certified system where overpressure is created in the helmet via connection to a compressor or air conduction system. The helmets offer TH2 protection, which is the second highest class. Despite the greatly improved quality, the price of the helmet remains extremely competitive. The improved true color cassette provides optimal visibility of the melting blade by coloring the image bright blue. View Multi C’Air’s collection of fresh air systems in our webshop.