Vlamboog exists 75 years this year! And we are celebrating!

September 15 through October 31, customers will receive max tier discounts on all of our own brands. These are the following brands:

1. General

2. Multi Vision

3. My-T-Gear

4. Vlamboog

5. Weldclean

6. Weldsafe

Taking advantage of the promotion? Contact your account manager or email info@vlamboog.nl!

Timeline vlamboog

Vlamboog’s history begins in the 1930s with Jan Bouke Batstra, who worked as an electrical welder. During the war, he began producing electrode holders and settled in Amsterdam in the 1950s.

After a series of moves and expansions, Vlamboog moved to Badhoevedorp in 1968.

After the death of the founder in 1972, his son Bob took over and sold the company to Groeneveld Dordrecht in 1973. The company continued to grow and moved to Hoofddorp.

In 1994, Vlamboog received ISO 9002 certification for quality. Exports grew in the mid-1990s and the company started a dealer network in the Benelux countries. To this day, Vlamboog uses this network for specialized resellers.