The popular ‘Snogg’ has been acquired by Cederroth and is now ‘Soft foam bandage’

Soft foam bandage

The soft foam bandage is unique because the bandage acts as both a plaster and a bandage. The bandage is applicable to all types of minor wounds.

Furthermore, the soft foam bandage is usable in virtually all conditions. It stays put in hot, cold, dry and even wet conditions.

What also makes the softfoam bandage unique is that the bandage is self-adhesive and the bandage contains no glue. That means the bandage does not stick to skin or hair.

Ideally, the packaging is design for dispensers and you can easily tear off the right amount. In addition, the product is latex-free, making it safe for all users.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Elastisch
  • Glue-free plaster
  • Could be used in water
  • Self-attaching

Article numbers

189071Soft Foam Bandage 51011020Soft Foam Bandage 51011020go to the shop
189072Soft Foam Bandage 51011021black, 6 cm. x 4.5 m., box a 10 pcs., Cederrothgo to the shop
189073Soft Foam Bandage 51011022blue, 3 cm. x 4.5 m., box a 18 pcs., Cederrothgo to the shop
189074Soft Foam Bandage 51011018beige, 3 cm. x 4.5 m., box a 18 pcs., Cederrothgo to the shop
189075Soft Foam Bandage 51011019beige, 6 cm. x 2 m., box a 20 pcs., Cederrothgo to the shop
189076Soft Foam Bandage 51011023blue, 40 x 6 cm, box a 40 pieces, Cederrothgo to the shop
189077Soft Foam Dispenser 51011024green, +fill 51011010, Cederrothgo to the shop