In March, we at Vlamboog are making a selection of Weldsafe Ceramic strips available at a discounted rate. These strips are sold in various package units of 12, 18 or 24 meters. Please refer to the chart below for participating items.

Would you like to make use of this action? Request more information or mail your order to to take advantage of the special price. This price is valid until 31-03-2022, while stocks last.

178576290906100Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8061
178577290906130Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8061- 3
178578290906150Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8061-5/0, 9
178579290906152Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8061-5/1, 2
178583290906307Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8063-A/7
178580290906310Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8063-A/10
1785812906312Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8063- A/12
178582290906315Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8063-A/15
183975290906710Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8067- 100R
1839762906715Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8067-150R
1839772906720Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8067-200R
1839782906725Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8067- 250R
183979290906730Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8067-300R
178590290807000Weldsafe Ceramic strip 8070