Every month we have an interesting deal regarding welding technique, so June isn’t any different! This month a selection of MIG/TIG wear parts is available at a reduced price. Think for example of contact tips, gas nozzles, goosenecks, tip holders and torch hoods.

Would you like to make use of this action? Request more information or mail your order to acties@vlamboog.nl to enjoy the special price. This price is valid until 30-06-2022, while stocks last. See below the full range of MIG and TIG wear parts.

MIG items

182461034044228Binzel power water cable 4 meterEA
177259036100100Contacttip M6x6- 0, 6mm E-Cu, pak 10 stPK
177263036100104Contacttip M6x6-0,9mm E-CU, pak 10 stPK
177265036100106Contacttip M6x6-1,0mm E-Cu, pak 10 stPK
177264036100116Contacttip M6x6-1,0mm CuCrZr, pak 10 stPK
177272036100209Contacttip M6x8-1,2mm. CuCrZr, pak 10 stPK
177276036100300Contacttip M8x10-0,8mm. E-Cu, pak 10 stPK
177280036100305Contacttip M8x10-1,2mm. CuCrZrPK
178414036150000Tip holder M6xM8x1L VB15, pak 10 stPK
178413036150002Tip holder M6xM6x26mm-VB24, pak 10 stPK
178415036150202Tip holder M6xM8x22mm-VB26, pakPK
178416036150302Tip holder M6xM8x28mm-VB36, pak 10 stPK
178420036150304Tip holder M8xM8x28mm. – VB36, pack 10 pcsPK
177465036200105Gas nozzle cylindrical 16mm VB15, pack 10 pcsPK
177477036200105Gas nozzle cylindrical 16mm VB15, pack 10 pcsPK
177489036200300Gas nozzle strong conical 10mm, pack 10 pcsPK
177479036200406Gas nozzle cylindrical 18mm VB25, pack 10 pcsPK
177481036200600Gas nozzle cylindrical 19mm VB36, pack 10 pcsPK
177490036200610Gas nozzle strong conical 12mm, VB36, pack 10 pcsPK
177482036200800Gas nozzle cylindrical 20mm. PK
177940036300030MIG gooseneck 50 VB15EA
177941036300050MIG gooseneck 50 VB24EA
177942036300060MIG gooseneck 50 VB25EA
177945036300080MIG gooseneck VB36EA
177500036300520Gas distributor VB26 white 29 mm. , dBX
177503036300530Gas distributor white 32.5mm VB36, pack 10 pcsBX
177505036300540Gas distributor black 32.5mm VB36, pack 10 pcsBX
177499036300550Gas distributor ceramic 32.5mm VB36, pack 10 pcsBX
177498036300555Gas distributor ceramic 28mm. VB401/501, pack 10 pcsBX
177794036302535Liner red 1,0-1,2mm. x 3 meteEA
177791036302540Liner blank 1.0-1.2 x 4 metersEA
177795036302545Liner red 1.0-1.2mm. x 4 meteEA
177796036302555Liner red 1.0-1.2mm. x 5 meteEA
181623036303658Teflon liner yellow 1.6mm x 5m.EA
177790036304655Liner clear 1.6mm. x 5 metersEA
177622036305240Isolation sleeve VB15, pack of 10 pcsPK
178444036305600Spring gas nozzle holder VB15, pEA
180687036305630O-ring for gas pipe, pack a 10 pcsPK
177257036306131Contact switch 2-poleEA

TIG items

177644042300002Ceramic gas cup 13N09 5, 8,0mm, pak 10 stBX
177646042300004Ceramic gas cup13N11 7, 11mm, pak 10 stBX
177647042300005Ceramic gas cup 13N12 8, 12,5mm, pak 10 stBX
177467042300012Gas lens cup 53N59 5, 8,0mm, pak 10 stBX
178318042300106Standard collet 13N24, 3,2mm, pak 10 stPK
178327042300205Standard collet 13N28, pak 10 stPK
178328042300206Standard collet 13N29, pak 10 stPK
177461042300313Gas lens 1,6mm, 45V43, ds a 10BX
177475042310011Gas lens cup 54N18 4, 6,0mm, pak 10 stBX
177474042310012Gas lens cup 54N17 5, 8,0mm, pak 10 stBX
177476042310016Gas lens cup 54N19 12, 19,5mm, pak 10 stBX
178309042310102Standard collet 10N22, 1,0mm, pak 10 stPK
178310042310103Standard collet 10N23, 1. 6mPK
178319042310206Standard collet holder 10N28, pack 10 pcsPK
177465042310316Gas lens 3.2mm. , 45V27, ds a 10BX
178432042341702Torch body WP17FXPK
178427042350001Torch cap long, 41V24, pack 10 pcsPK
178425042350002Torch cap short, 41V33, pack 10 pcsPK
178429042350003Torch cap medium, 41V35, pack 10 pcsPK
177626042380001Isolation ring, 598882, pack a 10PK
177623042380002Isolation ring gas lens, 53N66, pack 10 pcsPK
177625042380101Isolation ring, 18CG, pack 10 pcsPK