Today we proudly announce that our long-awaited extension of the Multi Vision line has been launched. This new range is a revolution in the world of welding, with advanced technologies and innovative features that will set the standard for welding work.

Multi Vision brochure

The Multi Vision line is designed with the most advanced technologies to meet the diverse needs of welders. The new line consists of 5 products, including the new Multi Vision Grind, the Multi Vision Hybrid, the Multi Vision Clearview, the Multi C’air IV and Multi C’air Flow. We have worked hard to ensure that this range of welding helmets and blow units are affordable without compromising on quality and performance.

What makes the Multi Vision line even more attractive is our fast delivery time from our own stock. We understand that time is of the essence in the world of welding. That’s why we have ensured that our products are immediately available. This allows you to get started on projects quickly without unnecessary delays.

Another important aspect of the Multi Vision line is that all our welding machines meet the TH3 standard. This means that they offer maximum protection against harmful substances. We believe it is important to ensure the safety and health of the user.

In addition, the Multi Vision line is equipped with the innovative True Color Cassette, which guarantees optimal visibility of the melt pool. This advanced technology ensures that welders have a clear and accurate view while welding, allowing them to perform their work with precision and improve the quality of their welds.

All in all, Vlamboog’s Multi Vision line offers the perfect balance between price and quality, with fast delivery time, maximum safety and advanced technologies that enable welders to carry out their work more efficiently and effectively. We are proud to offer this range of welding equipment and are confident that they will be a valuable addition to anyone in the world of welding. Are you interested? Request the documentation immediately.

Brochure Multi Vision

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