Since its founding in 1917, Shigematsu has been engaged in respiratory safety to protect workers from occupational diseases. Now, with pride and a sense of responsibility, they are committed to continuing to support the safety and well-being of workers around the world and to contributing to global eco-activity.

Offer by Shigematsu

Shigematsu manufactures a wide variety of respiratory protection devices, as well as eye guards, protective clothing, and other products to improve safety in the workplace. Its offerings include:

  • Gas breathing apparatus/chemical cartridge breathing apparatus
  • particulate breathing apparatus
  • independent breathing apparatus
  • powered air-purifying breathing apparatus
  • air supply respirators
  • eye protectors/face shields
  • ear protectors
  • safety belts
  • protective clothing
  • protective gloves
  • brancards
  • oxygen meters

Shigematsu’s products are used in, for example, the fields of disaster prevention, safety and health, but also in plumbing and the industrial field.

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