RSG Safety is a provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and services specializing in respiratory protection. The RSG product range includes T-AirLine complete compressed air solutions, half and full face masks and a broad line of disposable coveralls. RSG Safety clearly distinguishes itself from other suppliers by:

  • a unique, deep product range focused on respiratory protection
  • high-quality and competitively priced safety products that meet all EN standards
  • product development programs strongly focused on the practical needs of the user

The great expertise of RSG comes from practical experience. Many RSG employees have earned their spurs in senior positions at companies such as Scott Health and Safety, Arbin Personal Protection, Kimberly Clark, 3M and North Safety Products. For the Dutch welding market, among others, RSG signed an exclusive distribution contract with De Vlamboog in June 2015. 

Benefits of RSG Safety

RSG products offer extremely good value for money. Some advantages of the RSG product group mouth masks : 

  • Best in test: lowest breathing resistance at high filtering power. 
  • Specially designed exhalation valve : increased comfort in hot and humid conditions.
  • Savings of up to 50%! Feel free to contact us to map out your benefit on a yearly basis. 
  • Extremely hygienic individually packaged, also in practical flat fold versions. 
  • Conforms to EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 and incl. dolomite tests: for a minimum of 8 hours of use. 
  • Very comfortable: elastic non-irritating cotton headband and a ‘soft foam’ inside.  
  • Practical in use: also in combination with glasses, helmets and hearing protection.

Flame arc RSG assortment

Our RSG range includes the following product groups: 

  • T-Airline complete compressed air solutions (filter units, hoses, couplings, helmets)
  • Mouth masks, half masks and full face masks
  • Disposable coveralls for various applications (including flame retardant, gas tight, anti-static)
  • Eye protection products

For more information about RSG, please visit RSG’s website.