My-T-Gear is a proprietary line that proves that high quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

The My-T-Gear brand is focused on personal protective equipment. The My-T-Gear collection consists of a selected number of items per product group. In each group, you will find protective equipment that matches the risk to which the user is expose during work. This is how we keep the assortment as clear as possible.

This assortment has many advantages

  • clear assortment;
  • more innovation per item;
  • higher turnover rate per item;
  • made by the world’s best manufacturers.

In addition to setting requirements for product quality, we maintain strict standards for ethics, social responsibility and environmental management among our suppliers. All our products comply with the code of ethics This means that all our products are designed by experts and tested by professional users and certified by European Notified Bodies.

Product groups My-T-Gear

Eye protection

For one’s own safety, it is important to ensure that safety glasses are wearing correctly and consistently. To increase the comfort of wearing eyewear, My-T-Gear has focused on developing eyewear that has a perfect fit to ensure the comfort of the user.

Breathing protection

My-T-Gear’s dust masks all conform with European standard EN 149:2001 with supplement A1:2009. The dust masks are maintenance-free and intended for single use. The dust masks can be classified into three categories: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The higher the number, the higher the protection factor (NPF).

Hand protection

During the work process, hands can be subject to a number of risks. Consider scraping, cutting or tearing skin. Or coming into contact with electricity, chemicals or microorganisms. No wonder, hand injuries are still the most common type of injury. So plenty of reason to properly protect your hands. My-T-Gear has a number of protective gloves in its range against low and medium risks.

At My-T-Gear, we strive to provide innovative solutions that meet user’s needs. Whether it is safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves or other protective equipment, every item from My-T-Gear is manufactured in accordance with and tested to applicable standards.

My-T-Gear is a reliable brand offering quality products at an affordable price. Want more information or to become a dealer? Then contact us here!