The goal of Cederroth? First Aid for Everyone. Everywhere. Cederroth provides innovative solutions that enable ordinary people to provide first aid without special training.

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Feel safe with Cederroth First Aid

Top quality

Cederroth’s green First Aid panel has been a forerunner, constantly followed by new products of the highest quality. They work tirelessly to ensure that you, the customer, are satisfied with the quality of the products and can rely on the deliveries.


We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our solutions are simple and functional. Many of our products can be used for many different purposes, making First Aid clear and simple.

Easy to use and refill

Clear instructions and easy to refill; red labels indicate when a product has run out, along with the reference number.


Cederroth has divided its product range into six clear categories, namely:

Cederroth stations

With Cederroth’s range of first aid stations, every workplace has its own small first aid department to be ready as quickly as possible when an accident occurs. In addition, Cederroth’s stations are very well designed and arranged so that the right tool can be found quickly and easily. The stations have clear illustrations and are easy to refill. Red stickers indicate when a product has run out and its reference number.

Cederroth eye wash

If there has been an accident with calcium-containing substances (cement, concrete or lime), you can rinse safely with Cederroth eye wash because it is 100% phosphate-free. The vial is designed to flush the eye with a rich stream for about 1.5 minutes. It has the longest shelf life on the market, of 4.5 years.


Patches and patches dispensers form a complete and easy-to-use system. Patches are easy to apply, flexible and smooth to use. In the patches dispenser, you pull the patches out downwards. This way you can prevent other patches from getting dirty or bloodied.


Cederroth’s refills make it easy to replenish items that are missing. For example, here you will find products for bleeding, burns, eye injuries, sprains, shock, respiratory problems, hygiene accessories and other aids.

Mobile kits from Cederroth

With the innovative series of Mobile Kits for people on the move, for example in construction workplaces, in the company car or for personal use, there is always a first aid kit on site, ready for use. Mobile kits are also a good addition to fixed stations to have on hand as quickly as possible when an accident occurs. Also check out our article on the Cederroth Wound Care Dispenser.

Burning wound care

Cederroth has a thorough range of burn products for first- and second-degree burns. In addition, each product is easy to use with clear instructions. Moreover, Cederroth’s burn products can be used very well when water is not immediately available. This is because they are portable, and so they are readily available.

For more information, please visit Cederroth’s website.

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