Weld cleaning, polishing and etching … it can all be done with a single machine at a very attractive price. The Arc of Flame offers you several lines from the German manufacturer Bymat. The Bymat cleaners are suitable for intensive welding seam cleaning. Only the Bymat Baseline series is developed for less frequent weld seam cleaning. All Bymat series enable you to clean weld seams easier, faster and more environmentally friendly and to apply markings (e.g. serial numbers, logos) and are extremely suitable for all stainless steel processing companies who strive for a perfect end result!

Some advantages of these weld seam cleaners-polishers-etchers:

  • Great ease of use and can be used anywhere 230V is available.
  • Quick and long-lasting results.
  • High gloss polishing possible, also 3-dimensional: surfaces and corners as before.
  • Direct passivation of the weld seam.
  • Remove small imperfections on a scale of 1/1000th of a millimeter.
  • In contrast to grinding, no chance of damage.
  • Good to apply to the trickiest spots.
  • Carbon stamping easily adaptable by yourself.
  • Brushline machines: thanks to inverter technology low voltages and thus minimal brush wear.

The Bymat and Baseline series will be highly appreciated by kitchen and furniture manufacturers, boiler builders, the automotive industry, appliance manufacturers,  the pharmaceutical and food industries, breweries, door manufacturers, pipeline makers, the chemical industry, facade construction, store construction, elevator construction etc.

For more information about Bymat, please visit Bymat’s website.