Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions for the identification and protection of people, products and places. At Brady, performance is the daily driver behind business decisions. They design products and solutions to perform in ways that others simply cannot; people perform in ways that regularly exceed expectations. The focus and discipline as a company are on solid long-term performance for both customers and shareholders. In short, the essence of Brady, and therefore the brand, is centered around “performance.”

Innovation at Brady

Identify and Protect

When performance matters most, you can rely on Brady to protect and identify people, products and property with reliable solutions for critical applications in demanding environments. Brady’s solutions help increase customer safety, security, productivity and performance. The range includes high-quality identification labels, security and location identification products, printers, software, lockout/tagout products and absorption materials.

Performance Matters

Focus on quality led in 1940 to the introduction of reliable labels suitable for identifying wires and cables in aircraft, even when exposed to extremely high temperatures. Since then, Brady has succeeded in offering a reliable identification solution when performance is paramount.

Excelling in everything we do

Brady is the preferred identification partner in various industries because of its reliable, compliant and proven identification solutions, its extensive customization capabilities, and the fact that they work with the customer to think about new identification solutions that meet their needs.

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