ATG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of work gloves. With innovation and quality as its objective, ATG designs, develops and manufactures gloves that improve the performance of the most advanced work tool : the hand. ATG is a vertically integrated manufacturer and therefore has control over all elements of the production process. ISO 9001 standards are strictly monitored with the aim of providing a continuous high quality product. ATG offers a targeted range of professional products suitable for at least 90% of all work within metal fabrication, general assembly, petrochemical and offshore.

Vlamboog is a supplier of ATG gloves. Our assortment includes a wide range of gloves that meet the diverse needs and requirements of different industries.

No sweaty hands with ATG

ATG has grown into a globally recognized player since its foundation and uses ISO 14001 and REACH as the framework for its environmental policy.  ATG gloves are ‘skin friendly’ according to Oeko-Tex guidelines, the international testing and certification system for the textile industry. Odors don’t stand a chance thanks to ‘Sanitized’, a hygienic feature built into all ATG gloves. Sanitized (without triclosan) works like a built-in deodorant that keeps the glove fresh. ATG gloves with patented ad-apt technology put an end to sweaty hands for good.

Assortment of ATG

ATG produces four different categories of gloves, each with its own application.


The MaxiFlex® was designed and developed as a breathable glove. The combination of excellent comfort with industry-leading durability makes it the reference for precision work in dry environments.


MaxiCut® was designed for those in need of cut protection in challenging environments.


The MaxiDry® range combines comfort and grip with protection against oil. As a result, you can still count on controlled performance in those difficult conditions.


MaxiChem® is a new generation of gloves. The gloves are resistant to chemicals and combine working comfort with optimal grip and skin protection.

For more information about ATG, please visit ATG’s website.

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