Ansell is a global leader in solutions that ensure health, well-being and personal protection. With more than 14,000 employees spread across facilities in North and South America, EMEA and Asia, Ansell is a global leader in hand and body protection. Protection is at the heart of everything we do.

But at Ansell, it’s more than just protection; our products and services give people around the world the confidence they need, and we empower companies and employees to perform better.

Work area Ansell

Ansell operates in three main segments: 


The Healthcare division of Ansell manufactures and markets surgical and examination gloves and related products for the healthcare industry. Healthcare customers include hospital emergency departments, first responders, family medicine clinics, dentists and veterinarians, protecting both patients and medical staff.


The Industry Division of Ansell manufactures and markets high-quality, hand and body protection for a variety of industrial applications. Ansell protects workers in almost all industries: automotive, chemical, metal fabrication, machinery and tool manufacturing, food industry, construction and mining, and many more. This is the sector in which Vlamboog B.V. is primarily active.


The Life Sciences division manufactures and markets innovative hand and body protection products specifically designed for the protection of products and persons in laboratories, vaccine research centers, at drug developers, in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and at microelectronics and medical device manufacturers.

Ansell assortment

The assortment includes:

Surgical gloves

Examination gloves

Safety devices

Face protection

Safety clothing

RABS and glove box gloves

Face masks

Mechanical gloves and arm guards

For more information about Ansell, please visit Ansell’s website.