More and more people wear glasses and need safety glasses.
It has therefore become a necessity to provide them with proper
safety correction glasses. We have a complete range of different types of lenses (monofocal, bifocal and multifocal) and we can take measurements at your location. You can also make use of our wide service network of opticians. Please contact us using the forms below so that together we can come up with a tailor-made offer.

Our eyes are almost always open and therefore continuously exposed to various substances. One workplace is not like another and each has its own measures when it comes to eye protection. Mechanical, thermal, chemical and radiation risks are all possible. The office is also a workplace and it is precisely here that eye protection can be important. Many devices we use every day contain “blue light,” which can potentially cause harm. Indeed, prolonged exposure to harmful blue light can cause stress, headaches and eye disorders, among other things. This can easily be prevented by wearing the right monitor glasses.

Keeping track of the correct safety glasses with or without correction and monitor glasses is easy thanks to the Employee Safety Manager. The glasses are registered on an individual level, so you will receive a timely signal when the glasses need to be replaced.

Our ears are exposed as much as our eyes, but are not always as well protected. Hearing damage can occur with prolonged exposure to sounds higher than 80 decibels. The higher the number of decibels, the faster hearing damage occurs. Hearing protection is only effective in noisy environments if it is worn constantly and without interruption. Simple disposable earplugs are not optimal for this purpose. Therefore, it is recommended to use customized hearing protection from partner Elacin.

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